2017 Seend Flower Show

Sponsored by Altfield

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Seend Flower Show is held in conjunction with Seend Fete on the second Saturday of August.
The show is held in the Community Centre Hall, Rusty Lane, Seend SN12 6NS.
Contact the Show Secretary at 01380 828579
Although it is very much a village show it is open to entries from people outside the parish.

The 2017 show will be on Saturday August 12th

Exhibit fee : £2 for as many entries as you can create.
Children's exhibits are free (16yrs and under in all classes).

The spectator's entrance fee to the show remains at £1 with children 14 and under free.

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The 2017 Show Schedule and Notes and Entry Form


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ONLINE SCHEDULE A full list of the 2017 schedule entry classes and guidance notes is available in a separate page.

DISPLAY/DOWNLOAD 2017 SCHEDULE and NOTES as a PDF file 10 pages pdf schedule. (download : save the file from the document display)

DISPLAY/DOWNLOAD 2017 ENTRY FORM : A PDF or DOC file copy of the Entry Form is available, 1 page pdf entry or doc entry. (download : save the file from the document display)

Flower Show Location Map (it may take a little while to load in some cases)

Show Timings for 2017

NEW trophy return address:
before Monday July 17
Return of 2016 trophies to
Kanty Neuk,High St,Seend. 01380 828965
Please do not take them elsewhere
before Friday Aug 11NOONEntry forms received : details below *.
None accepted after this time.
Friday Aug 116.30pm-7.30pmCommunity Centre Hall open for staging
Saturday Aug 128am-11amCommunity Centre Hall open for staging
Aug 1211amStaging ends, judging begins
Aug 121pmFlower Show opens
Aug 12 4.30pmRaffle Draw and Presentation of Awards
Aug 12 5pmShow closes. All exhibits and equipment removed.
Please do not remove exhibits before then
It would be much appreciated if exhibitors would then offer to help us to clear away and tidy up the hall

flowers show wallart bowl

→  see many more Images of Seend Flower Show 2017 • Contact the Show Secretary at 01380 828579 if you want a high resolution copy of any of the large images.

The Flower Show is organised by the committee :
Show Secretary :
Treasurer :
Carole Vince
Fiona Johnson
Alan Bryer
Sandra Collins
Jackie Hamblin
Graham Hickman
Len Murray
John Williams
Heather Wyatt

- with the help of other volunteers. If you can help us on the day before show-day (to set up the show), on show-day itself (to run the show), and especially at the end of show-day to clear up, please contact the Show Secretary at 01380 828579. We really do need more help to ensure the continuing success of the show.


No changes in the main 2017 schedule from 2016.
There is no Gardening Club Class because the club has closed.

Let us know if you would like us to consider amendments, additions, or deletions for next year’s show contact the Show Secretary at 01380 828579.


Entries Sections

Entries into the above sections are on a competitive basis. Depending upon the quality of the exhibits prize certificates are conferred on a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd basis; 'Highly Commended' may occasionally be awarded at the judge's discretion.
Arrangements can be made for non-competitive displays. Please contact the Show Secretary at 01380 828579.

2017 Best In Show
Altfield Bowl

The Altfield Bowl awarded to
Best in Show

We are very pleased that there has been a partnership with Altfield since 2014. The company sponsors the show and in 2014 donated a new trophy,The Altfield Bowl, an engraved bronze and gilded bowl which will be awarded yearly to the exhibitor with the Best Exhibit in Show. Altfield also donated in 2014 'The Altfield Cup' which will be awarded to the exhibitor with 'Most Points in Home Produce Section'. Altfield is a Seend based business.

See more information about Altfield in a separate page.


The schedule programme and entry form is free.

Exhibitor's entries: any number of entries £2.
Children's (16 yrs and under) entries are FREE in all classes.

Completed entry forms should be delivered or posted to The Show Secretary View Rosa, High St Seend, or The Seend Community Centre, Rusty Lane, Seend. By hand only to Seend Shop & Post Office.

If there are difficulties call the Show Secretary at 01380 828579

→  Entries must be received before noon on the Friday preceding the show.

Because of the time and work involved in logging and organising the entries we would be particularly grateful if entry forms were handed/posted in as soon as possible. Don't leave it to the last minute! If you do bring your entry form on Friday morning then you should hand it personally to a committee member at the Community Centre to guarantee its validity. Do not leave it anywhere else.
An important feature of the show is the appreciation of the spectators of the exhibits. This can be extended if, where relevant, the exhibitor labels their display with brief information such as the name of the vegetable or fruit variety, the flower(s), or the potted plants. There will be small cards available for this purpose. If you would like to prepare info cards before the show make them about 90x50mm (3.5x2 inches).
At the end of the show (5pm) it would be much appreciated if exhibitors would offer to help us to clear away and tidy up the hall.

See the 2016 entries count (as a PDF document) for each class. Surely the classes which have 2 or less entries are inviting you to enter next time and be sure of a prize certificate!

→ Please read the guidance notes, some general and some specific to certain classes, at the end of the schedule before deciding on which classes you want to enter and to be sure that your exhibit is 'as schedule'. Some of the general notes are shown below. See all the guidance notes.

• All entries should be grown or made, as relevant, by the exhibitor.
•  Only one exhibit per class per exhibitor unless specifically stated otherwise.
•  An exhibit must be from a single exhibitor. Where there has been cooperation in creating/producing entries they should be entered under one name only (Split the entries between the two of you!)


See the list of awards in the 2016 show in a separate page.

Altfield have donated a magnificent bronze bowl as a trophy for the exhibitor showing 'The Best Exhibit in the Show'. See below left.

Altfield have also donated a cup for the exhibitor with Most Points in Section D - Home Produce.

The Horse Show Cup for Most Points in the Show was replaced in 2013 by The Peter Fisher Cup in honour of the debt that the Show, and indeed the Community Centre and Seend, owe to Peter Fisher MBE for all his hard work in promoting the interests of our community.

The Wareham Cup is assigned to Most Points by a Lady

The Colonel Dashwood Cup is assigned to Most Points in Section E - Arts & Crafts

Recognition of the endeavours of entrants that results in Best in Sections A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H and in the Sweet Pea, Rose, Begonia, Pelargonium, Baked Products, and Home Preserve classes will be in the form of certificates.
The Challenge Cup D will be awarded to the exhibitor with Most Points in the Dahlia Classes

1st, 2nd, and 3rd winners in each class, as appropriate, will receive a worth-taking-home award slip. A Highly Commended award may be made, on merit, at the discretion of the judges in addition to or instead of any of the three main awards.

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